Talk Together provides group workshops for Adults and Adolescents

What workshops are available now?

  • Teenage workshops for Parents
  • Anger Management groups
  • Anxiety and Depression workshops
  • Ongoing psycho-therapeutic Self-Help group
  • Meditation groups (Free)

All groups provide a venue for individuals to gain personal support, self-growth and a sense of belonging.

Psycho-educational groups have elements of: education, group discussion, group activity, group disclosure and provides a venue to gain personal support.

Psycho-therapeutic groups involve working psycho-dynamically with people. I utilise the group setting to process interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction in the here-and-now moment.

In any group setting I value the importance of cohesion, confidentiality, respect and safety.

My involvement with various psycho-educational groups include the following:

  • Anger Management and Effective Communication
  • Domestic Violence Workshops for both Women and Men.
  • Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention
  • Those who have a Relationship with a Person Affected by Drug and Alcohol
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Relationship Group Workshops
  • Teenage Workshops for Parents
  • Triple P Parenting Course
  • 123 Magic Parenting Course

Group workshops for young people in schools and community settings:

  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Coping with Difficult Emotions
  • HSC Stress Management
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Building Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Anxiety Reduction

Psycho-therapeutic group workshops include:

  • Those seeking to develop personal Self-Growth
  • Families and caregivers who have a relationship with a person affected by drug and alcohol
  • Individuals affected by Substance Use
  • Those experiencing Psychological Vulnerabilities

Meditation and Spiritual

Lastly, I run meditation groups to facilitate individuals to gain greater self-awareness, self-development and spiritual understanding.