Drugs and Alcohol – Gambling – Addictions – Substance Use

Talk Together provides counselling for those what are affected by substance use & other addictive behaviours and, those who have a relationship with someone who are affected by the habitual cycle.

Individuals Affected by Drug and Alcohol / Addictions

By far the greatest challenge for a person affected by use is to break the addiction cycle altogether.

We begin the work by accessing and utilising several tools to facilitate behavioural change. To sustain your efforts we will collaboratively examine the core root of your behaviour. This is because any behavioural change required to stop the habitual cycle, entails some level of conscious control and vigilance.

Without working on the inner self it will be difficult to sustain that same level of energy to necessitate the changes permanently.

I may therefore encourage you to look at the cause of your habitual desire that compels you to resort to substance use. It is here that we may delve into processing the past or examine certain destructive belief systems.

I may tap into untouched areas of the unconscious. As parts of the self unfold deeper work may need to be processed. I may be required to work with painful memories or delve into past family-of-origin.

To maintain abstinence, we will work together so that you may integrate a more meaningful purpose in your life that paves the way for self-fulfillment. As with individual therapy, this process initiates a restructuring of the self to a more integrated person. Transformation takes place when there is no unconscious desire to resort to use.

Transformation takes place when all unconscious desire to resort to use has been eliminated.

Those who have a Relationship with a Person Affected by Drug and Alcohol
The aim of these sessions is to consider a different dialogue and interaction style that creates a more meaningful relationship. This has the effect of you being able to have greater influence over the individual.

I present the following five factors for consideration:

  1. The effect substance use is having on the individual.
  2. The impact substance use is having on you and the family
  3. Facilitating decision-making and promoting action
  4. Expectations embedded in belief systems
  5. Maintenance Phase to Incorporate Finding Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilment

At times, where stuck patterns of behaviour prevent a family member from integrating learning, I may request individual counselling.

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