I value the importance of providing a safe, non-judgmental and respectful therapeutic spac.

The first session is about getting to know one another. It is about getting a sense of each other and whether there is a comfortable therapeutic fit that creates a sense of trust, safety and acceptance for exploration to take place. I will ask how you came to be here and, will encourage you to discuss your concerns and what you perceive as the problem.

Collaboratively, we will explore some mutually agreed aims and outcomes and areas of focus for the work to take place. Together, a commitment to the number of counselling sessions is discussed. Over time, this commitment may vary depending on how long it takes to actualise. As circumstances change and different areas of focus arise, the aim of therapy is reviewed to assess progress and direction of work.

As part of my work, I undertake ongoing collaborative discussions on how we are going, checking in with you if you are getting what you want from our work and, if there is anything I need to change that would help you through the therapeutic process.

Therapeutic work may include the need to challenge, change or accept stuck patterns or painful areas in your life. This process may not always be smooth, predictable or painless. It will require patience and commitment as well as skill and expertise on my part. With the challenges faced in therapy comes the joy of discovery in areas of your life that you may have lost touch with, or may have never known, and what transpires is a new or deeper sense of self that arises through this process.