I am an eclectic practitioner specialising in Anxiety & Depression, Relationship Conflict, Psychological Difficulties, Post Separation, Parenting and Substance Use.  

Specialise in Emotional Focused and Systemic Therapy

I am the author of `Talk Together: Walking the Journey with our Adolescent’, A book about parenting teenagers.

Many people have experienced challenges and obstacles at some point in their lives that can get in the way of living a true and fulfilling life.

These obstacles may include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Psychological Issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Habitual behaviours (drug and alcohol / gambling)
  • Challenging behaviours in your child
  • Difficulties after Separation
  • Parenting

If these obstacles apply to you, ask yourself this?

  • How does it affect my life today
  • What is it costing me in terms of my quality of life?
  • How does it affect my relationships?
  • Where does it hold me back?
  • What opportunities am I missing out on in life?
  • What would life look like if I were to overcome these?

These obstacles can affect your psychological and physical wellbeing, impede your ability to find harmonious relationships, fraught your attempts to find true happiness and contentment, and prevent you from discovering your authentic self. Talk Together creates the space to process these obstacles and challenges so that you are able to come to a place of resolution .

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Individual therapy is the process of discovering yourself so that you are able to meet the challenges in your life, create meaningful relationships, find your sense of identity, gain self-fulfilment and find meaning and purpose in your life.

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Couples / Relationships

Relationship counselling is a place to work through obstacles where there is a lack of intimacy and connection, frequent arguing or communication misalignment, betrayal, reluctance to commitment, strong emotions and/or power and control that impedes and takes over the relationship.

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Family counselling provides the space for you and your family to work through various challenges with your children. These challenges may include bullying and harassment, cyber bullying, difficulties at school, anxiety and depression, unhelpful eating patterns (eating disorders), social withdrawing, aggressive behaviour, drug and alcohol, criminal behaviour and/or, unhealthy sexual practices.

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Group Workshops

Talk Together holds various group workshops including parenting groups, post separation, anger management, anxiety & depression and, an ongoing self-help group. Through the utilisation of group dynamics, this psychotherapeutic self-help group is a means for self-discovery and self-healing..

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